Ep. 13 Breaking Free from Victimhood: Embracing Ownership with David Henzel and Eduard Brink


In Today’s Episode:

  • Introduction to the concept of living in harmony.
  • Two dimensions of harmony discussed: with people and with the planet.
  • Imbalance explored in various aspects of life, including thoughts, actions, and diet.
  • Discussion on the interplay between controllable and uncontrollable aspects in life.
  • Insights into addressing worries through proactive action.
  • Introduction of the concept of “worry time” to schedule and manage concerns effectively.
  • Importance of mindful consumption and aligning choices with personal values.
  • Reflections on core values, wisdom, courage, justice, and self-control.
  • Delicate balance discussed between control and surrender.

Welcome to another episode of the Love Not Fear podcast. Today, David Henzel and Eduard Brink explore the concept of living in harmony, touching on various aspects such as harmony with oneself, others, and the planet.

Harmony has two dimensions: with people and with the planet. But what about being in harmony with oneself? Can your thoughts and actions be in harmony?

Imbalance is noticeable in different areas of life. For instance, an imbalanced diet affects not only your health but also other aspects of your life. Eduard and David discuss the importance of identifying and aligning with core values to maintain harmony. They delve into the impact of imbalance in the workplace and personal life, emphasizing the need to align with fundamental values like wisdom, courage, justice, and self-control.

I was trying to stay away from the core values, but basically that’s where it all starts. So if we talk about wisdom, courage, justice, self-control these are essential for good and healthy living.

Eduard Brink

Embark on a journey with the Love Not Fear community as we dive into the profound exploration of living in harmony. Join David Henzel and Eduard Brink in meaningful conversations that touch on aligning with core values, finding balance in the midst of imbalance, and navigating the intricate battle between what you can control and what you can’t.

Episode Timestamps:

00:06 – Introduction to the topic of being an owner vs. being a victim.

00:15 – The importance of attitude and beliefs in determining ownership.

01:38 – Exploration of victim mentality and its connection to addiction to the past.

03:48 – What are the mental models?

05:49 – Importance of bold attitude in changing situations and seeking solutions.

06:39 – The significance of conscious choices and taking responsibility for shaping one’s world.

07:53 – Delegation, feedback, and the “One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey” concept.

08:40 – The value of owning decisions and the core values of “own it” and “find solutions.”

09:19 – Exploration of victim behavior and its impact on how the world responds.

12:43 – Afformations in business.

If you focus on things you can’t control, you’ll always be in a victim position. It’s important to choose your battles and focus on what you can impact.

David Henzel

As you reflect on the insights from this episode, we encourage you to:

Define Your Harmony:

Reflect on your core values and consciously define what living in harmony means for you. Identify the areas of your life where balance can be restored.

Choose Your Battles:

Focus on what you can control. Choose your battles wisely, directing your energy toward aspects that align with your values and contribute to your well-being.

Activate “Worry Time”:

Empower yourself by scheduling dedicated “worry time.” Confront concerns head-on, strategize solutions, and free your mind from unnecessary burdens.

Mindful Collaboration:

Engage in meaningful discussions with those around you. Share insights, form a supportive network, and explore diverse perspectives. Collaboration enhances the richness of your own journey.

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