Ep. 22 Confronting Inner Barriers: The Role of Protector and Projector in Self-Development with David Henzel and Eduard Brink


In Today’s Episode:

  • The protector is the voice of fear that keeps us in our comfort zone, while the projector is the voice of boldness and expansion.
  • Adopting a projector alter ego can help us overcome fear and step outside of our comfort zones.
  • Affirmations can be a powerful tool to calm the protector and shift our mindset from fear to love.
  • Surrounding ourselves with the right people who push boundaries and inspire us can help us overcome our own fears and limitations.
  • Prioritizing tasks and using time blocking techniques can help us manage our time effectively and accomplish our goals.

Ever felt like there’s a part of you holding back, whispering cautions and fears into your ear? That’s the protector, the voice that aims to keep us safe but often at the cost of our full potential. Contrastingly, the projector represents our bolder, more outspoken self, pushing us to expand our comfort zones and embrace the unknown.

In this riveting episode of the Love Not Fear podcast, join hosts David Henzel and Eduard Brink as they delve into the compelling concept of the ‘protector’ versus ‘projector’ within us all. Through their engaging discussion, David and Eduard explore how we can identify and balance these inner voices to transform our lives. They bring in fascinating insights from SpeakerLab’s, and even touch upon the power of alter egos to demonstrate how adopting a new persona can empower us to overcome deep-rooted fears.

But it’s not just about creating a new self. As David shares from his personal journey and the inspiring lessons from the book, “The Alter Ego Effect,” it’s about integrating these aspects to be a more authentic, fearless version of ourselves. Eduard brings the conversation full circle by discussing how we can practically apply these concepts in everyday situations, from public speaking to personal relationships.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to break free from the shackles of fear and self-doubt. So, tune in, as we embark on this thought-provoking journey from the confines of the protector to the liberating realm of the projector. Where do you stand in this inner debate? Let’s find out together in this episode of Love Not Fear.

The new you is the old alter ego.

Eduard Brink

Episode Timestamps:

00:08 – Introduction

01:21 – Explanation of the projector and protector alter egos

02:22 – Discussion on the benefits of using alter egos in public speaking

03:36 – Personal perspective on incorporating alter egos into one’s personality

05:10 – The power of afformations in calming the protector and embracing the projector

07:17 – The importance of taking a pause before responding and listening to the projector

08:42 – The role of surrounding oneself with people who push boundaries

09:26 – Overcoming fears and exploring new experiences

10:56 – Prioritizing and time blocking to manage ideas and tasks

13:00 – The importance of keeping appointments with oneself as serious as with others

13:00 – Do you keep appointments with yourself as serious as appointments with other people?

14:27 – Recognizing the battle between the two voices and switching to the right mindset

15:40 – Bold moves that push you in the right direction

16:02 – CAT

Projector reminds me that everything you want is on the other side of fear.

David Henzel

Are you ready to transform the way you approach your fears and unleash your true potential?

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