Ep. 24 From Good to Great Communication: Unlocking The Communication Code with Jeremie Kubicek


In Today’s Episode:

  • Communication has expectations attached to it, and understanding the code words for different expectations can lead to effective communication and meeting expectations.
  • The five code words are celebrate, care, clarify, collaborate, and critique. By identifying the code word for someone’s expectation, communication can be tailored to meet their needs.
  • Customizing communication based on individual personalities and preferences can enhance relationships and eliminate miscommunication.
  • The Peace Index is a tool that assesses levels of peace and hope in individuals’ lives, providing insights into areas that may need improvement.
  • Acting out of love means fighting for the highest possible good of others, which may involve providing support and challenge to help them grow and succeed.

This new episode of the Love Not Fear podcast takes an exciting turn as we welcome Jeremie Kubicek, a globally recognized author and speaker. Jeremie’s expertise in leadership and communication is not just acclaimed but deeply influential, as evidenced by his Wall Street Journal bestselling status with works like “Leadership is Dead,” “The Peace Index,” “The 100X Leader,” “5 Voices,” and “5 Gears.” Jeremie’s unique insights have graced platforms like MSNBC, INC magazine, and Entrepreneur, and have permeated the corporate cultures of some of the world’s largest companies, impacting over 115 countries. 

In this episode Jeremie brings his wealth of global experience to the table, providing insights that transcend conventional communication strategies. “The Communication Code” explores the intricate relationship between expectations and communication. Jeremie introduces the concept of ‘code words’ – key terms that help in understanding and meeting the expectations in every interaction – Celebrate, Care, Clarify, Collaborate, and Critique. They serve as a guide to not only express one’s own needs but also to interpret and fulfill the needs of others effectively.

This episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to refine their communication skills, understand the dynamics of leadership, and learn how to create a culture of positivity and growth both in their personal life and in the workplace.

Every time you communicate, you’re expecting something. And we figured out that every expectation has a code word.

Jeremie Kubicek

Episode Timestamps:

00:08 – Introduction

01:28 – Jeremy Kubicek’s motivation for writing “The Communication Code”

02:35 – The concept of communication expectations and code words

04:20 – The importance of understanding and meeting expectations in communication

05:39 – The five code words: celebrate, care, clarify, collaborate, and critique

07:24 – The tendency for thinkers to critique and the impact on relationships

08:25 – Balancing critique with care and using the platinum rule

10:46 – The challenge of celebrating and the value of customization

11:47 – Customizing clarification and collaboration based on individual preferences

13:35 – How care and celebration differ

14:40 – Unfiltered critiques as a form of caring

19:06 – The Peace Index tool for quantifying levels of peace and hope

23:49 – The importance of maintaining hope to avoid fear-based living

25:18 – Application of the peace index in coaching and personal relationships

26:09 – Using the peace index to identify areas of dissatisfaction and create change

27:57 – Focusing on relational intelligence for effective team performance

34:20 – Where to find Jeremie Kubicek and his books

Love means to fight for the highest possible good of those you lead.

Jeremie Kubicek

📚 Grab a copy of “The Communication Code” to deepen your understanding:

Implementing the Communication Code in a team setting can greatly improve communication and collaboration. By following this structured approach to communication, teams can minimize misunderstandings and improve overall performance. The Communication Code provides a common language that allows team members to effectively communicate their expectations and work together more efficiently.

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