Ep. 6 Honesty Vs. Truth: Strategies for Kind Communication with David Henzel and Eduard Brink


In Today’s Episode:

  • Honesty is a feeling of balance, while truth is more objective.
  • The difference between being honest to oneself and being truthful to others.
  • The importance of choosing words wisely, especially in feedback.
  • The concept of being “hard in the case, but soft with the person.”
  • The role of self-talk in personal growth and well-being.
  • The significance of understanding and placing oneself in others’ shoes.
  • The power of words in conveying emotions and intentions.
  • The idea of talking out of love versus talking out of fear.

In this episode of the “Love Not Fear” podcast, David Henzel and Eduard Brink delve deep into the nuanced differences between honesty and truth. They discuss the power of self-talk, the impact of words, and how one’s approach to communication can either uplift or tear down. Drawing from personal experiences and insights, they explore the idea of being a supportive coach to oneself and others, emphasizing the importance of speaking from a place of love rather than fear.

My mother always said, “Be hard in the case, but soft with the person.”

David Henzel

With anecdotes, reflections, and practical advice, this episode challenges listeners to reassess their internal dialogues and the way they interact with others. Join us as we unravel the complexities of honesty, truth, and the art of kind communication.

Episode Timestamps:

00:06 – Introduction.

00:15 – The importance of aligning honesty and truth with personal vision.

01:45 – The principle of being “hard in the case, but soft with the person”.

02:54 – The role of self-talk in personal growth and well-being.

04:39 – Perspective matters; what’s obvious to one may not be to another one.

06:10 – Empathy and self-reflection as a key to understanding and validating our reactions and decisions in relation to time and others’ circumstances.

08:22 – What effective communication is about. 

09:26 – Choosing compassion over criticism fosters growth and understanding.

I only want to do things that are compounding in a positive manner and yeah, no short term thinking.

David Henzel

Think about the voice that you have in your head and the voice that you use towards others when something doesn’t go right. Join the conversation and redefine the way you perceive honesty and truth.

Spread the message and share the Love with every person you talk to! ❤️