Intro: Welcome to the “Love Not Fear” podcast


In Today’s Episode:

  • Introduction to the “Love Not Fear” podcast and its foundational ethos.
  • David’s personal journey from introversion to embracing extroverted activities, influenced by peers and personal experiences.
  • Eduard’s bold decision to temporarily hand over his company’s reins and the insights gained about fear’s role in business.
  • The transformative realization that every life decision stems from either love or fear.
  • Introduction to tools like the business operating system and life organization system, aiming to align personal and professional values.
  • A look ahead to future episodes, emphasizing the podcast’s mission to promote decisions made out of love, not fear.

Welcome to the intro episode of the “Love Not Fear” podcast!  Join our dynamic duo, David Henzel and Eduard Brink, as they delve into the essence of choosing love over fear in every decision. Ever felt held back by shyness? David spills the beans on his transformation from a reserved introvert to a confident communicator. Eduard chats about the rollercoaster world of entrepreneurship and the power of passion.  

Every decision in life, you either make out of love or out of fear. The two basic emotions, why you do anything that you do.

David Henzel

Curious about how love can change your life? Tune in, be part of our vibrant community, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Episode Timestamps:

00:07 Introduction to the “Love Not Fear” podcast.

00:40 David’s backstory on the “Love Not Fear” concept and his personal transformation.

01:46 The power of shifting from fear to love in decision-making.

03:41 Eduard shares how adopting a “Love Not Fear” mindset helped address challenges in his company and led to positive change.

04:30 The importance of love in business and the challenges of operating out of fear.

05:50 Introduction to the “Love Not Fear” community.

07:39 Main Idea of “Love Not Fear”.

08:51 Recommended resources and books on the “Love Not Fear” blog.

In hindsight, talking about this experiment with this friend, I found out that there was so much fear in the company, that there was so much ego within me…

Eduard Brink

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