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...a mantra, a movement, community of people who are doing their best to live a fearless life and are dedicated to spreading the world about living a life filled with Love, not fear!
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Here's how it all started...

My name is David Henzel and this is my Love not Fear story.

I am a recovering introvert. I used to be so shy around people and I’d never start a conversation. But then I realized that it’s holding me back from thriving in life and business. So I started a journey to break this limitation.

First I started attending Toastmasters and other public speaking workshops. But the real A-HA moment happened when my yoga teacher said “every decision in life you either make out of love or out of fear”. Makes you think, right?

I changed the way I was thinking. From that moment on my every interaction with other people was based on Love and how can I be of service and provide value to people, rather than what can I get from them (which is fear based mindset).

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I, my family, close friends, and colleagues are on the mission to spread the word about #lovenotfear.

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